About Eastern Mangroves

The UAE is globally recognized for sustaining a large Mangrove forest, locally known as 'Qurm,' alongside the coastal shoreline. The mangrove forest play a crucial role in the maintenance and health of Abu Dhabi's ecosystem by creating a natural habitat for a variety of birds and marine life. Many species of fish use the mangroves as a safe breeding ground to lay their eggs, while sea birds similarly utilize the forest to make a nest for their young.

The mangrove trees themselves are unique for being salt-tolerant, requiring slow water movement and fine sediment to set their roots. The average height of the mangrove trees in Abu Dhabi reaches between three to five meters. Their roots provide a safe nursery for the majority juvenile commercial fish species making them vital to sustainable growth of the coastal ecosystem. The mangrove forests act as a barrier against waves and ocean currents to prevent excessive coastal erosion and are also importantly know for reducing carbon emission to stabilize climate change.

The mangrove forests compose a network of channels that are easily accessible during mid to high tide with very calm waters, making it easy to navigate for novice kayakers.